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 Essay  Competition on Family Values

Poster Competition on Family Values

Rally Press Release Sept 15

Short Report of the Sept 11 Rally

Sept 11 Rally - A Call to Preserve Biblical Family Values - Pastor Alson

Seven Take Home Messages - Dr. Brendan Bain

Marriage and the Way Forward - Attorney David Gibbs III

Mass Rally - The Future is NOW - Sept 11 - Event Background

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Letter to the Editor - Sexuality and Gender Report
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Cayman's "legal duty to amend laws" - a response

Legal Advice to the CMA on Same Sex Legal Recognition

Draft - The Fort Street George Town Declaration of the Cayman Islands - including the CMA position on Marriage

Affirmation of Traditional Orthodox Christian Marriage - Statement by Church of God Chapel in C.I.

St. Alban's Anglican Church

United Church

Signing the Fort Street Declaration