October 4, 2018

The Honourable Samuel Bulgin, JP, QC

Attorney General of the Cayman Islands

Portfolio of Legal Affairs

Government Administration Building

133 Elgin Avenue, George Town

Grand Cayman KY1-9000


Honourable Attorney-General,

We are a group of Christian pastors and citizens living in the Cayman Islands writing to you to register not only our great concerns, but those of many persons in these islands as well as wider afield in this region.

We are greatly concerned, particularly with regard to the "sexual rights" movement, that our combined voices appear to be ignored and overturned by those judicial processes that have effectively given the judiciary the power to overturn existing laws and bring into being new legislation. This is a process and power that is not answerable to the voice of our community's voting public, and is antithetical to the very democracy that is at the root of the freedoms we still enjoy - though perhaps we fear for not very much longer if the trend of judicial imposition over our societies continues and becomes the norm.

The freedoms of our community depend upon our legislature, in a state of accountability to the public, debating and, from time to time, passing new laws or amending existing ones. It is the task of the judiciary then to interpret those laws in their original meaning, rather than overturning or reinterpreting them without any democratic accountability, as has been occurring recently in some of the societies of our own region, just as it has in others.

The overturning and ignoring of the voice of our people is nowhere more evident than in the recent assault upon our family values, led by the courts, which routinely cite judgements drawn from areas of the world whose own courts have no necessary connection with the traditional ethics of their own peoples, let alone with ours.



When such courts elsewhere operate in an undemocratic manner to overturn and replace traditional law, upsetting the delicate balance between judicature and legislature and thus overturning the basic principles of democracy in their own areas, they do unparalleled damage to democracy all over the world because of the exercise of legal precedent; and we are in the gravest danger of being severely damaged in our own country and throughout our region as a result.

We are writing to you our Attorney-General urgently, and especially because you work in connection with both the legislature and the judiciary of this jurisdiction. We urge you not to succumb to ideas of marriage and the family that are alien to our own people and our own legislature - ideas that claim, and perhaps exaggeratedly in many instances, to be supported by legal precedent from elsewhere. If we do not fight with all our power against such things we will be friends neither of God nor of man, and we will have contributed to the overturning of the democratic spirit that is still alive in this region.

Please cause the principle that we have tried to enunciate here to be upheld: it is no business of judicature to fashion law. It is the business of the judiciary to uphold the law of the land. And it is the business of the legislature of our own jurisdiction, just as it is of the legislatures of other jurisdictions, to make and amend that law, and in doing so (following any prayers for opening sessions) to be democratically accountable to our voting public. We urge you most strongly to do all that is in your power to uphold the democratic and Christian spirit that still lives in this country.

Yours respectfully

Rev. Torrance Bobb, O.M.H.

Chairman, Cayman Ministers' Association

PO Box 12303

195 Old Crewe Road, George Town

Grand Cayman KY1 1011

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