The Future Is Now: Preserving Values for a Better Tomorrow
September 11, 2016 Event

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The motto for the 11 September event and other activities, “The Future is Now: Preserving Values for a Better Tomorrow”, reflects a desire of Cayman churches to preserve Bible-based values upon which the Cayman Islands was founded and to which the Islands owes its present prosperity and success.

Who is involved
The overall initiative is being sponsored and driven by a group of Cayman Islands churches, spearheaded by the Cayman Ministers’ Association, the Adventist and other churches.

Youth organisations in the churches are collaborating in the effort. Young people are vested in this effort since they will inevitably bear the burden from the impacts of today’s challenges to our values in the decades ahead.

As youth, they will soon be passing on their values to the next generation, as they play, live, work, create value, worship, and raise their families.

Why now
The Cayman church is concerned that future generations retain these values and principles in every sphere of their lives.

The church is becoming increasingly sensitive to the fact that the values and influences which shape the future state of societies worldwide, including in the Cayman Islands, are being framed today in ways that are creating shifts in our value systems.

The church’s concern is largely motivated by an awareness that adherence to Bible-based values provide a strong basis for the psychological and social health, stability, and security of children. These stable family outcomes in turn support a stable and secure Cayman now and in the future. This is where all the initiatives in this drive are focused – on the positive values of bible-based values to the family and society

In light of these Bible-based positions, however, emerging international and local trends create disquiet for churches, as these developments run counter to Bible-based family values that support the outcomes of stable family and society. The church underscores that it is concerned about all lifestyle choices and behaviours that run counter to Bible-based values and positive outcomes for families and societies. These include departures that may occur within the context of conventional marriage unions and other heterosexual unions as well as those involving alternative lifestyles.

In taking note of such trends, the church is calling for the involvement, conversation and investment from everyone, especially from among those who hold convictions that values based upon Bible principles are the ideal platform for the wholesome thriving of any society.

How the church is approaching its response
The church believes that it has a responsibility to take a stand with respect to all behaviours that are not in keeping with Bible-based standards. As the Biblical Jude, brother of Jesus’ disciple James, exhorted the brethren of the day to “contend” with those who are deviating from Bible-based standards, the church believes it has an urgent responsibility to guide diligently those who are failing to observe Bible-based standards.

The church is very concerned, however, that its initiatives, while based on Bible principles, must be deeply rooted in, and characterized by, love and compassion to all.

The first such effort towards these goals is that of raising awareness about trends, Bible-based standards, and related concerns. This drive will begin with an island-wide rally for all interested persons on 11 September, at 5:30 pm, at the Lions Centre.

That event will be preceded and followed by a multi-media public awareness-raising programme and activities that will continue into the foreseeable future.

The overall initiative is intentional, has been carefully thought out, and is envisaged as being long-term. Representatives from participating churches have been jointly deliberating for many months.

Events and activities: