Legal Advice to the Cayman Ministers' Association on Same Sex Assertion of Parity with Marriage in the Cayman Islands

NB There are a number of material differences between Italy and the Cayman Islands

· Our Bill of Rights forms part of the Cayman Islands Constitution and cannot just be changed by CI Government

· It conforms in all respects with the European Convention on HR (this case tries to change that)

· Marriage is defined under Cayman law

· The preamble to Constitution incorporates traditional and Christian values into the Constitution and Bill of Rights

· The Constitution and Bill of Rights is to give effect to the wishes of the Cayman people and should be read and interpreted in accordance with those values as set out in the Constitution.

· Any legal challenge to the Constitution must be taken through the Cayman Islands courts beginning with the Grand Court. That process ends with the Privy Council. (it is by no means certain that there would be a further appeal to European Court)