The Cayman Ministers' Association (CMA) affirms that, according to Scripture, God established three human institutions in the World: Marriage and the Family (Gen. 2:18-25); the Church (St. Matthew 16:13-20); and human Government (Genesis 9:1-6; Romans 13:1-3)

Specifically, government is established to promote a peaceable, productive and godly life, as well as to share in creating conditions that are most desirable for promoting and maintaining the general well-being of all persons living in the Cayman Islands. The CMA affirms, therefore, that all citizens and candidates have an obligation to adhere to strong ethical principles.

A. Accordingly, the Cayman Ministers' Association pledges itself to:

1. be constant in prayer for all our representatives and officials.

2. Be fair and impartial in our examination of political issues.

3. Be articulate on issues, not personalities.

4. Be faithful to the highest standards of integrity.

B. The CMA proposes the following be adopted as a code of ethics for the electorate:

1. All who qualify to vote should register and vote in the election as a part of our civic responsibility.

2. We the electors should ensure, to the best of our ability, that every candidate for whom we vote:

Supports and promotes Christian family values, including traditional biblical marriage.

Has well thought out, high-principled and realistic plans to meet the present and future needs of the whole country.

Has a clearly stated socio-political and economic philosophy. We should examine and compare the approach of candidates to issues such as immigration, education, cost of living, crime and justice, social development, family and youth, cultural heritage and development, moral

standards, health and conservation of the environment.

Is able to seek our vote without appealing improperly to family relationship, personal friendship or popularity, or by using bribery, gifts or other improper inducements.

Is willing to build on the good that others have done for the country, and is not seeking personal interest, or selfish gain and fame.

Possesses the maturity to respect differing views and to count those who hold them as fellow-citizens, not enemies.

Seeks our vote without scandalizing or intimidating opponents, their supporters or their families, or smearing their good character.

Has the intention and proven ability to be a good steward of public resources.

Is prepared to refrain from compromising the best interests of the country for special interests, personal favours, or partisan political gain.

Is known as a person of the highest moral and ethical conduct-that is, a person of the highest integrity.

Is committed to be accountable to the Legislative Assembly and the people of the country.

C. In accordance with the above principles, the CMA proposes the adoption of the following as a code of ethics for all candidates and their representatives:

1. We the candidates, our agents and supporters will contribute positively to a peaceful political atmosphere, and will not engage in, adopt or otherwise encourage any form of violence or intimidation in political activity.

2. We will respect the rights of others, and in particular the right to hold and express contrary views.

We will never make, nor be party to, any threat of intimidation whatever, whether expressed or implied, against anyone or any group of persons because of their political affiliation or viewpoint.

We will never cause persons to be forced against their will to declare their political affiliation or to acknowledge any affiliation whatever.

3. We will refrain from illegal and corrupt practices designed to influence voters.

We will not use funds derived from any source, public or private, to secure an improper electoral advantage.

We will make no private promises of any kind binding upon the duties of office, since a public servant has no private word that can be binding on public duty.

We will never use any information coming to us confidentially in connection with governmental affairs as a means for making personal profit.

4. We will refrain from any statement or act that, it can reasonably be expected, will lead to volatile confrontation or violence, or to increasing tension between opposing political groups; and we will make every effort to avoid any act that is likely to be provocative.

5. We will contribute positively to the goal of a peaceful election campaign in every way and especially by avoiding all statements which: Constitute slander or libel; Are malicious in reference to opposing candidates, their family, and party officials.

6. We will refrain from inducements, attacks, threats, and other improper treatment of civil servants and other public officers during the campaign.

7. We will show respect for the law enforcement authorities and will give them support in the proper discharge of their duties during the election process; and we undertake to avoid any obstructive behavior towards these authorities.

8. On the declaration of the results by the Returning Officers after due process we will seek to unite the country in support of the duly elected candidates.